Cardamom Mint Coffee Elixir

What can I say, I LOVE busting out the good china. I will always, if ever so slightly prompted, make an occasion of everything, turning all banalities into a bona fide tête-à-tête. Raised amongst wolves of women that gathered daily for their coffee klatch, I’ve romanticized the ritual of drinking coffee to religious heights (as it should be, really), deifying its dark alchemy as a harbinger of inspired debauchery and lucid linguistics. The parlance of coffee is one of exhilarating candor, which can erupt into ecstatic bouts of speaking in tongues if given the proper prompting. This exotic elixir is PERFECT for sipping, to sink into the slipstream of unimpeded flow, and joyous communion with your hallowed kinfolk.


1/3 Cup Organic Espresso, Ground

1 Tsp Cardamom, Ground

A Sprinkling of Rose Petals, Dried or Fresh

A Smattering of Fresh Mint Leaves, Plus 1 Sprig to Garnish Each Cup


1 Cup Raw Hemp Seeds

Coffee Elixir

4 Cups Purified Water

2 TBSP Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, or 2 Dates

1 Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt

A Dash of Raw Vanilla Bean, if so desired

To make the Hemp Milk, process everything on high in a suitably robust blender until frothy, creamy, and smooth. Store in a glass bottle for up to a week in the fridge, though I reckon it may never last that long.


Brew coffee using your favorite alembics (I’m faithful to the French Press, drip be damned!), adding the cardamom, rose petals, and mint to your grind. Stir in alabaster opals of Homemade Hemp Milk, sweeten with a swizzle of coconut sugar, and garnish in your fanciest glass with a verdigris sprig of mint. Enjoy in a circle with a prized cabal of Priestesses, and hash out the week’s rigamaroo with pinkies raised~! ☙☕☙