Carolyn Barron,
Physician of East Asian Medicine




Carolyn Barron is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and Physician of Chinese Medicine who merges medicine & mythology to bring the mysteries of the body alive for her patients. She practices holistic primary care medicine guided by the poetry of nature, using the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water to explore nature’s intelligence as it manifests within you. Her work is for those who long to end the corporate co-optation of the body, know and embrace their unique inner ecosystem, and re-wild medicine for function, flow, and full aliveness.

After a lifetime of worshiping at the altar of plants, she applied their ethos of adaptability, resilience, and renewal to a healthcare model built on ecological principles. She named her practice Botanarchy, because she believes that medicine is a pathway to liberation, a form of resistance and reclamation that supports the full flowering of your potential by tending to the roots and soils of your body. Her practice is for patients experiencing chronic disease, trauma, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, sleep disorders, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, and long-standing issues that aren’t alleviated by conventional treatment.

Her treatments utilize acupuncture and botanical medicine to balance the body’s internal landscape, addressing the root cause of disease while awakening the regenerative force of the body. Her treatment room is a sacred laboratory where you’ll learn how to understand your body through the lens of the five elements and access the deepest wisdom of your body's symptoms. Her approach to medicine engenders a true state of body autonomy, reacquainting you with the rhythms & cycles of your body and liberating you from a dependence on medical models that undermine its intelligence & flow.

She holds a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine with adjunct training in Functional Medicine, Alchemical Acupuncture, and Taoist Philosophy. In addition to her clinical work, she writes extensively about medicine & plant wisdom, teaches community herbalism & taoist self-care, creates botanical product lines, and consults for the wellness industry. She has created herbal product lines for Amborella Organics (featured on The Today Show, Buzzfeed, Oprah) and LA Cold Press, runs a pro bono cancer support clinic, and has taught at WMN Space, Holisticism, Unplug Meditation, Ra Ma, and Saje Natural Wellness. She has an online publication called The Botanarchy Times, a repository of wisdom traditions for reconnecting to the sacred wild within and throughout.


TedxWomen, Coach, & Therapist
- Kristan Sargeant

“Carolyn Barron is an acupuncturist but truly she’s the divine feminine principle in action. Might sound over the top but, being in this woman's healing hands is an injection of the kindest, warmest, wisest, most intelligent medicine. She is an avatar of mother nature’s brilliance, bringing her keenly trained mind and feminine grace in equal measure. You simply feel held in the most transformative field and your body can start to do what it knows how to do again….thrive. Carolyn feels like she’s from the future (one we want to inhabit) and the past. Elevating and grounding. And did I mention she’s a poetess supreme! It’s in her writing, her space, her ethic of care. If you are in need of transformational medicine, I can’t recommend her enough.”