is all about flaring up, blazing outwards, and spreading wantonly in all directions. Initiating expansion and embodying the archetypal energy of Summer, we witness Fire’s apex aliveness in the unfurling of petals erupting with power and passion in an open-armed embrace with the Sun from across the sky. Fire is the potential energy within all of us longing to be liberated, the light-giving power of consciousness and the spark of all transformation. Often consuming, sometimes overextending itself, and certainly with a penchant for transgressing boundaries, Fire possesses a great power to illuminate and regenerate when wielded properly, through moderating its intensity and controlling its spread.

In the physical body, Fire represents sensations that erupt, heat up, and move fast through the vessels with stress. Think rashes, racing heart, sweaty palms, high blood pressure, palpitations, inflammation, and overactive perceptions and sensations. Under pressure, fiery folk are prone to anxiety and insomnia and might get a little hysterical. Their internal weather is hot and fast-moving. Health issues are triggered by hot and spicy foods, over-exertion, and a lack of expressive outlets like talking, creating, expanding, and illuminating.

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Fueled By


Tempered By




Cycle Of Yin & Yang

Maximum Yang

Creation Cycle

Blossoming, Blazing, Combusting, Expanding, Expressing

Qi Flow

Spreading and accelerating in all directions in a grand display of beyondness

Time Of Peak Energy

11 am - 3 pm / 7 - 11 pm


The Heart, Small Intestine, Vessels, Tongue.

Mixtapes of the Tao: Fire

Ecologic Role

Catalyzation through destruction: promoting biological diversity, fostering new plant growth and wildlife populations.

Rejuvenation: creating nutrient-rich charcoal and ash to nourish the soil.

Purification: removing underbrush to clean the forest floor of debris, opening it up to sunlight.

Mediating catastrophe: reducing the amount of combustible vegetation to decrease the occurrence of larger wildland fires.

Stimulation of full potential: reducing competition for nutrients, allowing established trees & plants to grow stronger and healthier.

Facilitating human evolution: allowing for adaptation to cold climates, providing fuel for cooking.

Somatic Imprint

The catalytic energy that combusts and circulates through our vessels and consciousness, fueling our metabolic and emotional processes. Things that erupt and heat up. The faculty of impactful speech that is propelled by spirit. Clearing away what is not being utilized in our ecosystem via the downward spiral of the small intestine.

Soul Sphere

Imparting clarity of consciousness and the capacity to sense & rule with our hearts

Tarot Archetypes

The Sun, The Magician, The Lovers, The Emperor

Fire Energy In Balance

Feeling joyful, enthusiastic, eloquent, warm, generous, empathetic, compassionate, charismatic, inspired, optimistic, and open to love & intimacy. Understanding your power and uniqueness, possessing the skill to push through limits, having the capacity to express yourself fully, being alight with divine purpose.

Fire Energy Out of Balance

Feeling restless, aggressive, bitter, impulsive, unboundaried, manic, anxious, arrogant, and chaotic. Seeming joyless, disconnected from source, apathetic. Engaging in inappropriate speech & behavior, feeling overwhelmed, overwhelming others.

Fire Energy Issues

Eruptions, inflammation, rashes, heart problems, thirst, hypersensitivity, adrenal exhaustion, restlessness, circulatory issues, metabolic imbalances, bleeding, sores, fevers, infections, sweating, insomnia, speech difficulties, excessively talking, heartache, suffering from self-doubt, loosing heart, emotional coldness.

If Fire Is Your Elemental Expression

People with strong Fire energy tend to be joyful, enthusiastic, warm, generous, empathetic, and charismatic. They long to experience and embrace all things, don’t shirk away from intimacy, and want to feel all of the sensations present at Earth's lavish banquet deeply, and with gusto. They understand the magic of their own power and uniqueness, and have mastered the art of expressing themselves in ways both subtle (adornments) and big (PERFORMANCE). Their inner landscape is inspired, alight, and excited, and they run on intuition and guidance from spirit. They need to live unabashedly, and with wild abandon. If there are limits placed on their self-expression or ability to experience joy and pleasure, they just might explode with the pathos of a supernova in space. Fire energy needs a robust supply of kindling in order to not burn out, and the gentle containment of earth to prevent it from descending into chaos and starting a forest fire. Out of balance, Fire energy can manifest as things that vex the heart and spirit. If your Fire energy isn’t tempered to the right degree, you may feel overpowered by unhinged desire, bitter, restless, impulsive, manic, anxious, disconnected from spirit, obsessed with what others think of you, or lack boundaries. Priests & priestesses of Eros, Fire spirits need to be loving something in order to feel fully alive.

Fan Your Fire

Discern how the light of the cosmos uniquely shines through you. Ignite the spark of starlight within and allow it to propel you forward with enthusiasm and gusto.