is a pioneering force, gestating in the waters of the primordial mycelial womb until it leaps through a crack towards the light. The Wood element is all about BIG DAWN ENERGY. Initiating growth and rebirth, Wood pushes through the mossy detritus of winter with a clear direction and forward momentum, reaching upwards and outwards toward empyrean expansiveness like the branches of a tree. Bridging the potentiality of the seed with the actuality of the tree it will become, Wood surges and pulsates with the moxie of a budding leaf, longing to explore its environment and push, propel, progress, and shape.

In the physical body, Wood represents sensations that surge strongly upwards and tighten with stress. Think headaches, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ, teeth grinding, PMS, high blood pressure, vertigo, and RAGE. Under pressure, woody folk are prone to outbursts. Like the springtime, their internal weather might be windy and fast moving. Health issues are triggered by alcohol, greasy foods, anything done in excess, or lack of time & space to be free and ramble in visionary and earthly realms.

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Nourished By


Pruned By



Sprouting Seed, Origins, Beginnings

Cycle Of Yin & Yang

Young Yang

Creation Cycle

Budding, Breaking Open, Bursting Forth, Growing, Developing

Qi Flow

Reaching upwards & outwards toward empyrean expansiveness like the branches of a tree

Time Of Peak Energy

11 pm - 3 am

Mixtapes of the Tao: Wood


The Liver, Gallbladder, Tendons, Ligaments

Ecologic Role

Filtration of toxins: removing pollutants from the soil and air, helping purify freshwater streams and reservoirs.

Stabilization against the elements: holding soil in place, preventing it from being blown or washed away.

Preserving warmth by providing a screen from harsh winds, shielding us from the downfall of rain, sleet, and hail.

Creating new life: breaking up soil to create space for air and water, improving aeration and drainage.

Providing structure: serving as a stable anchor for upward growth, giving refuge and food to animals, insects, lichen, and fungi.

Turning nourishment into life: taking up nutrients from the water and soil, transforming them into what’s needed for tree growth, development, and repair.

Returning moisture to the air: forming clouds, regulating weather patterns, and producing breathable air for all surface life on earth.

Somatic Imprint

Support systems an connective tissues that keep us pliable and bending with the wind. Sensations that rise strongly upwards. The faculties of dispersion and dredging that regulate the circulation of qi, blood, and body fluids through the internal ecosystem. The faculty of vision that allows us to see the grand plan from atop a great branch. The germinating thrust that initiates growth and development of new cells.

Soul Sphere

Visions & Dreams

Tarot Archetypes

The Fool, The Ace of Wands, The Chariot‍

Wood Energy In Balance

Feeling intrepid, courageous, bold, pioneering, decisive, creative, confident, independent, flexible, and driven. Possessing clear vision, good planning, and a sense of direction, implementing new ideas & ventures, breaking new ground, blazing trails.


Wood Energy Out of Balance

Feeling aimless, hopeless, angry, resentful, stubborn, stuck, stagnant, indecisive, constrained, tense, and timid. Having low self esteem, being easily swayed, feeling plagued with ennui.

Wood Energy Issues

Impatience, irritability, mood swings, rigidity, explosiveness, rash decisions, depression, inability to focus, uncompleted plans, headaches, tension, muscle spasms, vertigo, sciatica, TMJ, irregular menses, PMS, cramps, vision problems, rib pain, nausea, breast pain, brittleness, tendonitis, high blood pressure, migratory pains, vivid dreams.

If Wood Is Your Elemental Expression

People with strong Wood energy tend to be intrepid, courageous, bold, confident, independent, flexible, and driven. They are natural implementers and visionaries, with good planning, a sense of direction, and a love of progress and adventure. They crave movement, loathe restraint, and simply despise any restrictions placed on their freedom to roam in creative and physical realms. Their inner landscape is future-thinking, and they have a tendency to get depressed if they’re not movin’ & shakin’. They need OUTLETS. And if they don’t get them, they can feel brittle and tense, like an under-watered tree ready to snap. Wood energy needs to know where to grow and how to flow in order to feel in balance. Out of balance, Wood energy can manifest as impediments to growth and purpose. If your Wood energy is stuck, you may feel plagued with ennui, or suffer from anger, indecision, stagnation, stubbornness, tension, hopelessness, and aimlessness. A person with strong Wood energy needs to be beseeched by purpose and growing towards something in order to feel fully alive.

Work Your Wood

Align with your path and go boldly forward via the cosmic map of your visions & dreams. Be assertive, wield your wand, push and strive in the ways you know best.